Why us ?

Cooking cruise and Wine cruise south of France

Since 2002, our company Rhône Croisière is the leader of luxury barge cruises in Provence and Camargue, « a region blessed by the gods ».

Le Phénicien proposes you a river experience where the surprise and the originality are always there and you made discover a region with thousand nuances.

Rhône Croisière is your unique contact for all the organization of your cruise, the various inclusive excursions and your transfers the first and the last day.

We propose you our help to organize your journey to join us and if need to extend your stay with other destinations.

Your budget is fully controled with our offers “all inclusive” and our very attractive prices, so no surprise.

You will receive only one invoice and your travel documents summarise all the information.

Guided tours

We designed our cruises’s programs in the aim to propose you monuments, historic sites and most visited places, having most interests and representing the best of Provence and Camargue. Every visit is a discovery of the cultural and traditional heritage of Provence and the Camargue.

A Tour Leasder from Rhône Croisière is present at any time and will insure the link between our professional guides and you.

All the half-days of visit are punctuated with a guided tour and a free time to continue your discovery, either to go shopping for your family, close friends and even you.

French touch

What could be more natural when we really want to discover France and to become soaked with the atmosphere that to travel on a boat where your crew is French, but speaks several languages.

It is the case with us, our crew is French, our chef has made his experiences in different stared restaurants, so he offer a gourmet and inventive cuisine, he has had some training in Paris to inprove his knowledges and his technique.

Moreover he invites you gladly to cook and will give you some advice and some ” secrets of chef”.

The welcome and the service

The welcome on board is personalized, as well as a particular attention is brought to your comfort and your expectations. With up to 18 passengers for 6 crew members, we are very flexible.

The luxurious comfort, the woodwork associated with the warm colors of the South, will welcome you in a natural atmosphere of wellness. A gourmet cuisine and a service 5 stars.

Which you travel by train, by plane or other we shall verify with you that everything is in order to insure you a quite journey.

You can meet the owner at any time because he is on board every day, you also can communicate with him by Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or the Web site.

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